Poem #9: To A Struggling College Student

Dear college student

You got this

You have the brains to make it

You’ve made it this far

And I know you’re struggling to make it through

Like everything is against you

And no matter how hard you try obstacles do their best to knock you down

But you must pick yourself up because you’re not done

That degree is there at the end of the stage

Waiting for your grasp

And when you flip that tassel

You can finally say

I did it.




Poem #8: Letter Of Interest (old poem)

Letter of Interest


You haven’t known me very long, but I wanted you to know I have an interest in you.

I want to know your mind

Tell me your fears and your dreams.

Tell me your favorite memory as a child and your worst.

I want to know your favorite book or your opinion on politics even though I don’t have much my own.

I want to laugh at your corny jokes just because they’re from you.

I want to know your body.

Your personality makes me crave you.

I’ll give you my submission..dominate me at your will.

I want to appreciate your curves just as much as I hope you’d appreciate mine.

I want to know your soul.

Stripped down.

I want to look deep..underneath all the skin.

I want us to both be fully naked..yet still clothed.

Both afraid to let each other in, but still willing to take such a chance.

I know you haven’t known me long, but I have an interest in you. And I was hoping you’d feel the same way too.


                     one day yours.



Poem #7: #SayTheirName

Nia- White supremacist wishing she and others like her didn’t exist.

Trayvon- Wanted nothing but skittles and tea but instead his life he had to plea.

Eric- Police didn’t take selling cigarettes for a joke so they decided he should choke.

Sandra-Stopped while going about her day, then killed in jail to be kept out of the way.

Alton- Just trying to sell CD’s just for the police to unnecessarily push him to his knees.

Philando-Killed in front of his girlfriend and child because doing the right thing must’ve made him seem wild.

Rekia- If she wasn’t killed in an off duty shooting then her justice wouldn’t need constituting.

Tarika- Killed from the mistake of a sound…maybe if police didn’t shoot blindly she’d still be around.


More and more are being added to the list

The injustice is insane

My heart will continue to hurt as we continue to die because of our skin

And until it stops we must continue to #SayTheirName.




It sucks how much relationships hurt


How much people hurt

And even while now single and happy

I somehow can still end my night in tears

Thinking of the past and all I’ve endured

How all I’ve ever wanted was to truly feel special and beautiful

Yet that always seemed to be too much.