Blogmas Day 10: A Note To You During The Holidays

Today, I’m going to get a little deeper with my blogmas post. Today, I’m writing a note to all the ones who have lost their loved ones due to police brutality. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the holidays and the joy of Christmas, but many people around the world, especially black people, might be in mourning due to an unjust killing.

If anyone here is in mourning due to police brutality or know someone in mourning, my heart goes out to you. Everyone is with their family and you lost a part of yours. This world can be cruel, unjust, and sometimes just leave you with nothing but a lost path with no guide on how to find your way back. For some, the holidays trigger happiness. For you, it may trigger sadness. If it does, then I ask you not to shut yourself out. Be around all the loved ones you can. This holiday, join together with others and try to celebrate the life of your lost loved one. Try not to hold in that grief you may still have as hard as that sounds. And remember that you’re not alone and there are people going through what you’re going through. There are people on your side.

For the ones in support of those who lost their loved ones due to police brutality, I just ask you to take a moment of silence for those struggling to enjoy the holidays.




Blogmas Day 9: Christmassy Things To Do In December

With it being December, there are many different Christmassy fun things available to do for the holidays. If you’re stuck on what to do, maybe this list will help you. And if you already have a long list of ideas, it might not help (sorry).

1. Go see your local light display

light display

If I’m correct, a lot of light displays start in November. They’re so fun to look at! Some people just do them at their house and there are also some places that have light displays you can ride around and see. Seeing them are so fun to do with your family or significant other. Watch the magic happen through lights.

2. Build a gingerbread house

gingerbread house

Gingerbread houses are always fun to do for Christmas. Sometimes people even make their own contests on who can build the best gingerbread house. A great idea when the family is together!

3. Go to Disneyworld

disney christmas

What’s more magical and Christmassy than Disneyworld!? If you have the luxury of going, then I would not pass that up! I sadly have not been able to go to Disneyworld during Christmas, but this is for sure on my list.

4. Bake cookies

christmas cookies

I love to bake cookies! Add Christmas? I love it twice as much! Baking Christmas cookies can be so much fun. Just let go and get creative! Need ideas on different kinds to make? No worries, a post will be coming soon on different types of cookies you can make!

5. Watch christmas movies


Why not enjoy those cookies with a nice Christmas movie!? If you’re a lover of Disney movies, then you can check out my blog post I did suggesting some Disney Christmas movies.

6. Build a snowman


It doesn’t have to be a snowman! (seriously one of my fave songs from that movie) But if it’s snowing where you are, and you can stand the cold, then you should go out and have fun in the snow! Build a snowman, who knows, maybe it’ll come alive and will like warm hugs.

7. Make hot chocolate

hot chocolate

If you love hot chocolate (I’m more of an eggnog person myself) then try getting all cozy, getting some marshmallows and maybe a candy cane and enjoy some nice hot chocolate.

Doing all or most of these things will give you a day filled with Christmassy fun! What’s your favorite Christmassy thing to do?


Blogmas Day 8: Cute Outfits For Plus Sized Women In Winter

Listen, it is getting colder and colder by the minute. Some of you may live in sunny California or any other place where you can still wear shorts and not freeze your ass off, but I cannot say the same about myself or others who live in areas where it gets cold. Being a plus sized woman, I have to look out for my other plus sized ladies and help keep us all looking cute but stay warm in the winter. If you’ve read my post about life as a plus sized woman, then you already know it’s hard to find clothes as it is sometimes. So, here are just a few cute winter outfit ideas for my plus sized women!


1. this outfit is nice for where it doesn’t get freezing cold but still chilly. Long sleeve white blazer, black top, and jeans. You can layer it as well if you’d like. (image from modcloth)


2. This is something a little bit warmer. I saw this and thought I just had to post it because I wish I could get this coat for myself! You can never go wrong with burgundy. It’s such a beautiful color. You can pair this with jeans or any other bottoms you’d like and maybe some cute boots! (image from modcloth)

*warning: the coat is pretty high on modcloth so I’d suggest a cheaper alternative*


3. Outfit 3 is for sure not only a fave but also a mood. It’s simple but stylish with a hint of “boss” if you ask me. Just grab a cute long sweater, black leggings, and knee-high black boots. If it’s too cold for just the sweater, then you can always layer with a warm coat! (image from pinterest)


4. If you love to wear dresses despite the weather, then this outfit is great for you! Grab you a maxi dress, knee-high/thigh-high boots, and a nice coat or jacket and you’re good to go! You’ll be walking in style. (image from pinterest)


5. One word…FAUX. Winter is for sure the time you bring out faux everything. Faux fur. Faux leather. All of it. I am obsessed. This outfit is a perfect combo of both and I’m in love!

Let me know which outfit is your favorite!


Blogmas Day 7: Disney Christmas Movies

What’s better than Disney and Christmas? Disney Christmas movies! Let’s be real, Disney movies aren’t just for little kids. They’re for the big kids as well. So with that, here are some options for the little kids and little kids at heart to watch during the holidays (or even any time of the year honestly).

1. Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas (1999)


2. The Santa Clause 1,2, &3 (1994-2006)

the santa clause.jpg

3. The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)


4. Beauty And The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas (1997)


5. Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983)

mickey carol

6. A Very Merry Pooh Year (2002)


7. Eloise At Christmastime (2003)


What’s your favorite Disney Christmas movie?


Blogmas Day 6: Why I Love Christmas

christmas meme

I’m with you Buddy, I’m with you. When it comes to Christmas, Buddy and I are on the same page. I’m not sure if I’ve made this clear, but I’m one of those people who play Christmas music on November 1st for sure! Before anyone starts thinking I go overboard and wear every Christmas ornament on my body and earrings or shoes that jingle when you walk…I don’t. BUT, I do suddenly get a wave of excitement just from seeing Christmas commercials on TV.

So, Why do I love Christmas so much? Well, my question to you is…why don’t you love Christmas??

All jokes aside, Christmas has always been special to me as a kid. I even told my mom it’s her fault that I’m so obsessed with it because of how I’ve always had a good Christmas during my childhood. It may sound like I said that in a negative way, but I promise I meant that in the best way possible!

As a child, my mom always filled the tree with presents. She tried to make sure “Santa” got me everything that I wanted. She would wake me up and I’d come in the den excited not knowing what box I was going to open up first. Even beyond that, it’s the memories that are priceless that I love the most. It’d the memories of putting up the tree together and singing Christmas songs around the tree on Christmas Eve. We didn’t always do this, but It’s about making cookies for Santa and leaving them out for him to eat. It’s about mom waking me up those early 6am mornings and her telling me Santa came and me jumping up with excitement. Lastly, it’s about me being able to be a kid and enjoy the spirit of Christmas and having fun. That spirit never left me. This adult life sucks, but that’s something I can always keep inside me. Although the older you get, the more things start to get in the way of ruining your joy, I will always continue to fight for my joy. Christmas isn’t just about the music or all the holiday things that come out. To me, it’s about the memories and getting to be excited like I’m a kid again and it being ok.

That’s why I love Chrismas.

Do you love Christmas like I do? Tell me why in the comments!


Blogmas Day 5: Favorite Holiday Starbucks Drinks

This one’s for my coffee lovers! It’s that time of the year where the Starbucks holiday drinks are out and cups are designed with holiday cheer. If you’re a coffee lover and love to go to Starbucks but need something new to try or even if you’re a newbie and want to slowly venture into the world of Starbucks, then I have some suggestions for you! I’m going to give you my favorite go to drinks for the holidays!

1. Caramel Brulee

brulee frap

I’m obsessed with the caramel brulee drink at Starbucks. Pictured is the frappuccino, but I love the latte as well. Whichever version of it you get, you can’t go wrong!

2. Eggnog Creme Frappuccino

eggnog frap

Eggnog lover? This is definitely for you! There is a coffee blended version, but that one wasn’t my favorite so I decided to try the cream version and fell in love! It’s literally blended eggnog…what could be better??

3. Snickerdoodle Hot Cocoa


I have to give my cousin credit for putting me onto this one. I was a little skeptical but once I tasted it, it immediately got added to my list of favorites. I’m not a chocolate lover, so when I saw cocoa, of course I thought “nope”, but it is made with white chocolate in it instead which made it a winner!

4. White Chocolate Mocha


I’m pretty sure this drink is all year round if I’m correct, but this drink is so good that I had to include it. It comes in a frappuccino version (pictured), iced, and latte. I love all versions of this drink. A white chocolate lovers favorite!

What’s your favorite holiday drink from Starbucks?


Blogmas Day 4: Struggles Of Working Through The Holidays

The holidays are literally my favorite time of year and has been the most exciting time for me ever since I was a kid. But, if you’re a regular reader here, then you know that I just got my very first job. Some jobs let you off on the holidays, but sadly mine does not. I’m along with many other holiday lovers that have to spend part of their Christmas with (sometimes very rude) strangers.

For a lot of you workers out there, I know you may be used to this if you work somewhere that makes you work on the holidays, but because I’m new to it, it’ll be a sad time for me. The experience I had on Thanksgiving alone was sad. There were so many rude people that day and what for? I’m here serving you when I should be home with my family.

The worst part about working through the holidays is just not letting work get your holiday spirit down. Some jobs might help keep it up a little bit despite having to work and deal with some rude customers. For example, maybe you get to decorate your establishment with holiday decorations or you get to be festive and wear Santa hats or cute festive clothing. Your establishment might even play Christmas music, which may be annoying and tiring after a while for some but a joy or a Christmas lover like me. If your job lets you do any of that stuff, then I’d call you lucky. As far as I’m aware, my job doesn’t let us do any of those things, which makes it more depressing that I’m working through the holidays and missing part of my family time.

It completely sucks, but to end this on a good note, if you’re in the same boat as me then here are just a few ways I’m going to try to stay in the holiday spirit at work that maybe you can try as well if you’d like.

1. Discreet Holiday Wear. If you can’t put on festive wear, then try wearing festive makeup (if you do wear makeup). If you can’t go too all out since you’re at work, then a simple red lip might even be enough to help put you in the holiday spirit. Socks don’t show in your uniform? Then put on some festive ones! If they don’t show then no one will know what’s underneath and you can still add that little touch to a boring uniform.

2. Sing. Does your establishment not play music? Create your own! My job is at least a little more laid back in other ways, so I’m able to hum or sing a little bit with no one caring. If your job is the same and you like to sing or hum then you should do it to some Christmas tunes! I think that’ll help a lot to get through a workday.

3. Service With A Smile. The last thing I can think of to try is to just try my best to continue to stay in my holiday cheer and wish my customers a happy holidays/Merry Christmas. Even if they have a nasty attitude and are being a Scrooge, sometimes instead of letting those nasty attitudes get you down, you have to let your positive attitude lift them up!

Do you have to work on the holidays? What’re your tips to getting through with your holiday spirit remaining intact? We can get through this struggle together! Happy Holidays!



Blogmas Day 3: Spotify Christmas Playlists

Looking for some good Christmas music? Then you’re reading the right post! There’s so many different versions of Christmas music out there and finding the right one can be hard or maybe it’s not hard and you listen to them all. Regardless, I have some Spotify Christmas playlists for you to help start December off right!

1. Christmas Songs-Holiday Music

2. Christmas Peaceful Piano

3. Christmas Hits

4. A Legendary Christmas by John Legend

Have you started listening to any of these playlists? What’s your favorite Christmas song or playlist?


Blogmas Day 2: How To Get In The Holiday Spirit!

The Holiday’s are here and I couldn’t be more excited! I am one of those people who played Christmas music on November 1st so you can say I’m in the Holiday spirit. But, not everyone feels the same as me. Some people are having trouble getting in the spirit of the holidays. If you’re one of those of people, have no fear, I have some tips that could help you with getting into the spirit!

1. Decorate


One way to get into the holiday spirit is to decorate! What better way than filling your place with cute decorations!?

2. Play Christmas Music


The second I play Christmas music I get right into the Holiday spirit. Blast some Christmas songs, sing your heart out, and get into the vibe of the holidays.

3. Put On Some Holiday Scents

winter candy apple

Sometimes all you need is a good holiday scent to get you in the spirit. You can plug in your favorite wallflower, light your favorite holiday candle, or spray a nice scent all over the house. Breathe in the goodness of the holidays!

4. Do Holiday Activities

gingerbread house

The last tip I have to help you get into the holiday spirit is doing some holiday activities. Find a list of things to do that you might enjoy (blogmas post coming!) and get into the fun of the holidays!

What’s your favorite way to get into the holiday spirit? Comment and let me know!



Blogmas Day 1: November Life Update 2018

You read that right…I’m doing blogmas! This means I’m posting every single day from December 1st-25th. That’s 25 days straight of content so get ready! What better way to start blogmas off than with an update!?  Let’s take a look back at the goals I made for November.

november goals

This will be a very short update because I didn’t get anything done (so sad I know). Hear me out though, I’ve been so busy it’s insane. I really hate how I’ve failed at these tasks, but it’s so hard to get things done with the combination of school and work going on. I will say that I did work on getting a fresh list of blog posts. With that being said, let’s get into the goals I have for December!

Goals For December

○Purchase my domain

○Keep track of my spending

○Get more fresh blog post ideas for the new year

○Read more

○Prepare for the new year

My next update will be in 2019! Can you believe how much the time has gone by!? I have big plans for the new year so stay tuned!