Welcome To The Black Princess Diaries!

Who am I?

   Welcome everyone!  Just to give a little background about myself, my name is Deandra and I am a college grad. I live in Georgia. I love dogs, music, singing, reading, writing poetry, hanging with friends, and the color pink. I hope to be able to use this blog to express myself in hopes that others will be able to relate as well to the things I post and enjoy and feel free to comment.

Oh yea…I’m kind of a princess (pretty cool right?).

What is Black Princess Diaries?

   Black Princess Diaries is my own twist to the movie The Princess Diaries. I am a black woman who is expressing myself in many different ways through this platform. I’m going to post my poetry, life updates, talk about different an array of subjects, do some fashion and makeup type of posts, and book reviews as well. I hope you all enjoy taking a look into the world that is my own personal diary. Enjoy.